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Mary Tedesco on the set of "Genealogy Roadshow" (PBS) in New Orleans, LA. Photo courtesy of PBS.

Mary Tedesco on the set of “Genealogy Roadshow” (PBS) in New Orleans, LA.

Do you want to learn more about Family History and Genealogy?  Mary M. Tedesco would love to speak for your group or society!

Unless otherwise noted, all presentations are approximately one hour in length including Q&A.

General Audience Topics:

  1. Finding Immigrant Origins in United States Records
    • Discover strategies and resources for locating your ancestral town using records available in the United States and online
    • (Note: Similar content to presentation entitled: Locating Your Italian Ancestral Town in United States Records).
  2. Why They Left the Old Country (Available in May 2017)
    • Understanding why folks left the “old country” will help you understand where they moved and why they made the tough choices.
  3. Underused Resources & Record Types for Genealogists (Available in March 2017)
    • Take your genealogical research beyond the “usual” records. This presentation presents ideas for diversifying the records and resources searched.
  4. Social Media for Genealogists (Available in May 2017)
    • Effective tips for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social networks to foster connections with fellow genealogists; boost blog readership; generate business leads; and more.
  5. Genealogy For Love and Money
    • You enthusiastically delved into your own family history for the shear love of it. But after reaching a high level of proficiency, how do you provide genealogical services for clients and still keep the fire burning? This lecture explores the transition from amateur to professional genealogist including tips for maintaining your passion for genealogy along the way.

Italian / Italian-American Topics :

  1. Explore Your Italian Roots!
    • Join Italian genealogy expert and Genealogy Roadshow (PBS-TV) Co-Host Mary Tedesco for a presentation on the wonder and excitement of discovering and embracing your family’s Italian ancestry.
    • (Note: available as a luncheon/banquet (about 20 mins) or regular length (about 1 hr)).
  2. Locating Your Italian Ancestral Town in United States Records
    • Discover strategies and resources for locating your Italian ancestral town using records available in the United States and online.
    • (Note: Similar content to presentation entitled: Finding Immigrant Origins in United States Records)
  3. Italian Genealogy Research: Records & Resources in Italy
    • Do you have Italian roots? Learn about essential Italian genealogical records and how they are accessed. Onsite research in Italy and research by correspondence with repositories in Italy will also be discussed.
  4. Italian Genealogy Research: Catholic Church Records in Italy
    • Roman Catholic church records are an essential part of Italian genealogical research. Record types, locating and accessing records in Italy, and effective research strategies will be discussed.
  5. Italian Genealogy Demystified (Available in April 2017)
    • This presentation takes an in-depth look at Italian records and repositories for genealogical research in Italy. Sound boring? Not on your life. You’ll be motivate to book the next flight to Italy!
    • (Note: Special interactive three hour presentation / workshop.)

Please contact us for details and availability. Thank you!