The quest to find your Italian roots is a wonderful adventure.  I receive many inquiries each day from people interested in beginning their journey with Italian genealogical research.  The road to the next discovery is not always clear, but with perseverance and a desire to continue to learn, all things are possible.

I was honored to recently write an guest article for’s blog about “Getting Started with Italian Genealogy.”  The following topics are covered in the article:

  • Creating and storing your Italian Family tree
  • Interviewing family members for information
  • Locating your Italian ancestral town using
  • Italian First and Last Names
  • Italian Birth, Marriage and Death Records on
  • But the Records are in ITALIAN! What Do I Do?
  • I Can’t Read Italian Handwriting!
  • Additional Italian Genealogical Resources on
  • Suggested Reading for Italian Family History & Genealogy

Please click here to read the full guest article.

Do you have suggestions for future ORIGINS ITALY blog post topics?  Is there something about Italian genealogy you’ve been itching to know for years?  Contact me and I’ll so my best to integrate your suggestions into my daily “Italian Genealogy Tip” on Twitter or here on the ORIGINS ITALY blog.  Thanks and stay in touch!

-Mary M. Tedesco, ORIGINS ITALY.

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