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Buona Festa della Repubblica Italiana! Happy Republic Day in Italy! Today, June 2, 2015 marks the 69th anniversary of the Italian Republic.

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ORIGINS ITALY Founder Mary M. Tedesco was recently featured on the “Italics” television program on CUNY TV in New York City. Special thanks to Lucia Grillo, Dr. Anthony Tamburri, and CUNY TV!

You can view the program by clicking on the video above or by clicking here.


ORIGINS ITALY Founder Mary M. Tedesco was recently interviewed by dott. Umberto Mucci of We the Italians. Mary chats about her own Italian roots, “Genealogy Roadshow” on PBS, and more! Special thanks to dott. Umberto & We the Italians.



ORIGINS ITALY Founder Mary M. Tedesco (and her research team) will be conducting onsite genealogical research in Italy for valued clients during the month of April 2015. This will be Mary’s fourteenth (14) trip to Italy. Regular updates from Italy will be posted on Mary’s Twitter accountother ORIGINS ITALY social media accounts, and in the ORIGINS ITALY Newsletter (click here to subscribe).

Onsite genealogical research in Italy is a core component for many of ORIGINS ITALY’s client projects.  Extensive preparation goes into every aspect of client research. Before arriving at a research location in Italy, we exhaust all relevant resources accessible from the USA, like Family History Library microfilm, online records, and many other sources. Next we develop a customized research plan for each client project. Click the link below to see what onsite genealogical research in Italy is like!

 Watch a video of Mary M. Tedesco conducting onsite research in Italy. This segment was filmed for the PBS TV series “Genealogy Roadshow.”

Please contact Mary (click here) for details about booking onsite research in Italy.

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Anyone who tries to tell me that genealogy isn’t cool gets referred to the 1969 James Bond film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, staring George Lazenby. In the film, James Bond goes undercover as a genealogist to research a lineage question surrounding a Bond villain’s claims to a noble title.

There are a number of things James Bond, the genealogist, does right and at least one thing that’s definitely wrong. Here are a few examples of Bond’s excellent genealogical handiwork:

  1. Bond discusses conducting what professional genealogists may refer to as a “reasonably exhaustive search” using original Church records in Switzerland and other resources.
  2. Bond consults heraldry books referencing the noble family in question.
  3. He interviews his villain client about his alleged noble lineage and family.
  4. It’s clear that Bond had done some advanced preparation before the client meeting. He is already familiar with the noble family the client would like to be connect to – right down to the shape of family’s earlobes!
  5. Bond makes it clear that thorough evaluation of all the sources and information is recommended before arriving at a conclusion about ancestral ties. Something we all should live by (or live twice by in James Bond’s case).

As far as genealogy no-nos, I suppose he wouldn’t be James Bond if he didn’t break a few rules. It can safely be said that no genealogist worth their salt would recommend “fraternizing” with ladies (or gentlemen) while conducting onsite genealogical research, especially at a client’s place of residence. But since this is clearly the norm for Bond, maybe we can grant him a little artistic license.

The bottom line is: if genealogy is cool enough for James Bond, it’s certainly cool enough for me!

-Mary M. Tedesco, ORIGINS ITALY.

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