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Special thanks to PBS Station WVIA in Pittston, Pennsylvania (Scranton / Wilkes-Barre area) for inviting ORIGISN ITALY Founder and “Genealogy Roadshow” Host Mary Tedesco for a special event on 20 December 2015. We had an enthusiastic crowd and some excellent audience questions. The talk by Mary Tedesco was followed by a meet and greet with the attendees.

Sincerest thanks to the team @ WVIA!


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PITTSTON, PA (WVIA) – WVIA Public Media is proud to present a special presentation by Mary Tedesco, a professional genealogist, author and co-host of PBS’ hit show, “Genealogy Roadshow” on Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015 at 2 p.m. at the WVIA Public Media Studios in Pittston, PA. Seating is limited. Two tickets for this special opportunity are available with a generous tax deductible donation of $40 and can be reserved by visiting or by calling 1-800-326-9842.

Mary M. Tedesco is a professional genealogist, speaker, and author. She is featured on the PBS TV series “Genealogy Roadshow” and is the Founder of ORIGINS ITALY, a firm specializing in Italian and Italian-American genealogical and family history research. Mary is the co-author of “Tracing Your Italian Ancestors” an 84-page Italian research guide published by Moorshead Magazines. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Boston University and a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University’s Center for Professional Education. She is a member of many local and national genealogical societies. In addition to her Italian ancestry (Calabria, Trentino-Alto Adige and Tuscany) on her father’s side, Mary also has deep American roots (German, Irish, Danish and English) on her mother’s side and is proud member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

“Genealogy Roadshow” is part of PBS’ commitment to high-quality programming highlighting American culture, diversity and history. Part detective story, part emotional journey, “Geneaology Roadshow’s” team of genealogical experts combine history and science to discover more about the people who comprise America’s rich cultural tapestry. Genealogists and hosts Kenyatta D. Berry, Joshua Taylor and Mary Tedesco work with participants’ anecdotal clues, official documents and family heirlooms to uncover the histories and family members they never knew existed, and reveal surprising ancestral stories.

WVIA Public Media, a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization, is a catalyst, convener and educator, using media, partnerships, powerful ideas and programs to improve lives and advance the best attributes of an enlightened society.

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Recently, ORIGINS ITALY Founder Mary Tedesco was featured on The Italian American Podcast. Mary chats with Podcast Hosts Anthony Fasano and Dolores Alfieri about how to begin your Italian-American genealogy research, her role as a Host on the PBS TV Series “Genealogy Roadshow,” and lots more!

Click here to listen to Mary Tedesco on The Italian American Podcast.

Special thanks to Anthony Fasano and Dolores Alfieri!

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Mary Tedesco, Founder of ORIGINS ITALY, was recently featured on the cover of L’Italo-Americano Newspaper in an interview titled: “Tracing Your Italian Ancestry with Mary Tedesco.”

Click here to read the article!

Special thanks to Silvia Donati and L’Italo-Americano Newspaper!


Today, October 21, 2015, is Back to the Future Day! Why? Because in the iconic sequel, Back to the Future Part II, Marty McFly and Doc Brown hop in their DeLorean time machine bound for a date far in the future – October 21, 2015. Wow, one can only imagine the impact such a machine would have on genealogy. We would go forward in time to see how things turn out. But we would love to go back and see how things really were. No more brick walls! We would confirm all lineages and solve all puzzles. But would it be as much fun, I wonder.

A time machine, especially a snazzy one in the form of a stainless steel DeLorean, would certainly make life a lot easier for a genealogist. Instead of spending years retrieving documents for the purpose of hunting down an illusive ancestor, one could just go back and ask, “Hey great great grandma, where exactly were you born and what are your parents’ names?” But that would be too easy. It might even eliminate the need for the unique fact-finding skills of a crack genealogist altogether.

Nonetheless, we get a glimpse of what it might be like to meet your ancestors in Back the Future Part III when Marty McFly ventures back to 1885 and ends up in the home of his Irish immigrant great grandparents. As a genealogist watching the film, I wanted Marty to ask great grandparents for details about their lives back in Ireland and their journey west to California. I thought such a fantasy was a strange pragmatic impulse. I wondered why I didn’t think of trying to invest in all the right stocks and bonds!?! But I believe any true genealogist would, like me, take the opportunity to flesh out the family history. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

If I had a time machine and 1.21 gigawatts of power in my flux capacitor, I’d love to track down a few ancestors and spend some time clearing up ambiguities for the record. For example, my own Irish third great grandmother, Sabina Burke, and her German-born husband, my third great grandfather, Henry Handorf, come to mind. I have a million questions to ask them about their lives, origins, and ancestors, and what prompted them to set out for America. On the Italian side of the family, a journey in the time machine back to 1857, may help uncover the names of the parents of my third great grandmother, Maddalena Mironi, who was abandoned as an infant in Siena, Italy. (Of course, I might also look into some stocks and bonds.)

The work of a genealogist is never done. But on this special day, Back to the Future Day, I dream of a time machine that breaks down the brick walls and makes it all come together.  How convenient and…how boring.

In the real world, we rely on sound genealogical strategies and research techniques. Many difficult questions require diligent and thorough efforts on the part of the researcher. It’s solving the most challenging mysteries about our ancestors that ends up being the most memorable and what appeals most to me about genealogy. My time machine is made up of archives, public libraries, and other respositories. It leads me painstakingly from the future back to the past.

Happy Back to the Future Day!

-Mary M. Tedesco, ORIGINS ITALY.

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